Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

Our first Christmas with Zander was delightful!  It was so much fun to watch his excitement - from the Christmas lights to all of the fluffy white snow (highest December snowfall on record!) - it was a joy to experience the holiday through his eyes.  The day before Christmas, Zander had a lazy morning in his jammies:
Checking out the tree:
Enjoying some 'art time' with Thomas the Train stickers from Brady's party:
Helping Mommy shovel the deck after ANOTHER snowfall (note all the snow in Zander's shovel):
 Whew!  That is hard work!
On Christmas Eve, Zander opened a gift at Auntie KK and Uncle Randy's house - he loved ripping the colorful paper:
 Zander took notes as Cousins Luke and Brady showed him how it is done:
We also celebrated (Mommy's cousin) Chris's Christmas Eve Birthday.  Here he and fiancee Karissa are opening cards:
 (Mommy's cousin) Justin and girlfriend Erin:
 Nana Pat opening a festive package of kitchen utensils:
Luke demonstrating the "singing & dancing" Santa hat that we picked up during our recent Texas visit - it was a bit hit:
 Randy holds Bella as she opens her bag of Puppy Christmas toys:
Erin demonstrates to Zander how to lay his head down on his adorable new Pillow Pet:
Demonstration successful!
Zander had so much fun playing with all his new toys on Christmas day.  Here is the Color Roller from Mommy's Uncle Tim and family:
 Color Rolling while carrying Pillow Pet!
 Practicing 'drumming' in his booster chair:
 Carrying gifts:
Wow! A new shopping cart from Tim, Leah and Connie!  So much fun!
 Transporting "Snuggles" the Pillow Pet:
 Woo Hoo!  A new drum set - check out that beating action!

 Drumming with Daddy:
An awesome workbench from Daddy's brother Ryan and family:
Wow, a new trampoline from Grandma Marie and Grandpa Jim:
 Whee - look at my hair fly!
We enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner at Uncle Bob and Aunt Heather's house - hanging with Heather:
 Wii!!  Trying to keep up with Brady and Luke:
 Go Daddies Go!
 Brady's got it!
 All the boys:
 Enjoying some yummy dessert with Nana:
Oops, how did this old photo get into the Christmas post?
Oh, it must be because of the very unexpected Vikings win over the Eagles tonight during the first Tuesday night NFL game in 64 years... Zander, Daddy may be a little crabby in the morning!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings!

December has been filled with many celebrations!  Zander continues to cheer for Daddy's Eagles (not much to cheer about on the Vikings front this year) - here is a favorite outfit from Jim's brother Chris and family:
Early in December, we had a huge snowstorm on Uncle Bob's birthday - here is the Birthday Boy celebrating with son Luke:
Cousin Brady and Zander enjoying the Christmas Tree:
...and playing 'vehicles' - this time the bus and the plane:
The next day, Cousin Luke built Zander a big slide - here he is at the top... Whee! 
Zander had busy day celebrating at both Brady's 3rd Birthday Party, as well as the Medtronic Children's Holiday Party.  Here he is playing the "Grab Daddy's Head" game with the birthday boy:
 What a beautiful Thomas the Train cake!!
 Brady blowing out his candles:
The boys checking out Brady's new toys:
 Zander had lots of fun playing the guitar with Great-Uncle Randy:
 ...and coloring with Great-Auntie KK and Nana Pat:
Zander really enjoyed the Medtronic Holiday Party - he loved the handle-trucks and the slide in the toddler area:
He also enjoyed coloring with Mommy and Nana Pat - using mostly red and green:
Enjoying the show (and a snack) - note the 'flying turtle' balloon critter on his wrist:
A fun-filled day!
The next day, Zander attended another holiday party, and got to visit with Santa again - he did a little better than the day before:
Wishing you a very happy holiday season and our best for 2011!