Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally -- a Name!!

As part of the big birthday weekend, we've finally landed a name for our little guy.  Welcome Alexander Kim Wilson as the newest member of our family!!  We'll be calling him Zander for short!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Wishes to Our Little Guy

Wishing our little guy a very happy 1st birthday!  Definitely a difficult day for us to celebrate without him, but thoughts of him have been with us all day.

We celebrated with a big day full of Korean food.  Lunch at a really small Korean restaurant called Dong Yang in Columbia Heights (near where Amy works) where we had a tasty rice and noodle dish.  They have a nice little Asian grocery store attached, and we did some shopping there in preparation for cooking our 1st-ever Korean dishes for dinner.  Jim made a spicy chicken dish (a bit too spicy, but really flavorful) and Amy made a great spinach side dish that we shared with some good friends (Kim and Dave) who gave our little guy an awesome birthday present --> a really special blue blanket that Kim crocheted.

Of course, we couldn't celebrate a birthday without some cake, and Amy made a yummy lemon cake (one of Betty Crocker's finest!) with a single candle on it.

Happy Birthday little guy.  We miss you and cannot wait to get you home witih us!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

While We Wait... and a new Photo!

OK -- so we haven't been the best at updating our blog, but we promise to be better going forward!  Soooo... here's the update.

Unfortunately, we learned that our estimated travel date to Korea was pushed back since the paperwork processing times in Korea have been slower than expected in 2010.  Unfortunately, all of this is beyond our control and we just have to wait for the many families in front of us to clear through the process before us.  As it stands now, travel in June or July is more likely.  :-(

While we wait, we've made a lot of progress on the nursery and a little progress towards a name.  (We hope to have some pics of the nursery next week and are shooting to have a name by Baby Wilson's 1st birthday on April 17th.)

In the meantime, we did get a new photo!! He's too cute and we can't wait to get our call to go and pick up up!