Monday, July 9, 2012

Time Flies!

Although it seems like the wedding (previous post) was just yesterday, so much has happened since then and the days have flown!  Grandma Marie, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Amy, and Cousin Adaleigh visited - we had a blast!  We celebrated 'Zander Day' marking two years since Zander joined our family. We had Kiana's 3-month check in appointment at the adoption agency.  Zander started swim lessons.  We enjoyed many fun summer activities.  Kiana turned 18 months, and recently started at Zander's school (going great except for the extra germs - pink eye last week and now an ear infection).  Mommy and Daddy are back at work.  And we are thrilled to report that our little guy has made some great progress with his potty training - yay!  Keep it up Zander, we are so proud of you!

I'll get photos sorted out in the coming weeks, but today am excited to share some of our favorite pictures from our recent photo shoot.  I believe our photographer (Ms. Kim) took over 1700 pics... and you have already seen the only one where all four of us are (1) looking at the camera, (2) smiling, and (3) have our eyes open!  You'll also recognize Kiana's yellow dress from the wedding - we love it.  Thanks again O'Briens!

Amusing attempt at a family portrait:
Zander entertaining his sister:
Love the sequence of Zander giving Kiana a smooch on the side:
A hug and a kiss on the head for Kiana - what a sweet brother!
Where's Kiana?
The girls!
The guys!
Other fun shots:
Finally, a few more family shots:
Thanks again to Ms. Kim for capturing so many wonderful memories!