Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sanibel (part two)

Zander enjoyed biking to several meals while we were on Sanibel island - here he is getting geared up:
"To breakfast please, chauffeur!"
Playing in the Gulf with Mommy:
Another walk... and another nap!
Zander's favorite meal of the trip was at Cheeburger Cheeburger, where his grilled cheese came in a vintage Ford convertible:
The convertible was just the right size for Puppy:
We bought a couple things at the store next to the restaurant - Zander had a blast carrying the big shopping bag (you can see his red convertible sticking out):
 Running fast!
Heading out, shopping bag in hand:
Then we hit Pinocchio's for some of Sanibel's best ice cream:
Checking out Pinocchio's long nose:
On our bike ride back from breakfast the next day, we stopped at a fun playground to burn off some energy.  Climbing:
Someone is blocking the slide!!
Whee - going very fast!
Catching a nap on the bike ride home:
After nap time, we saw many Rays swimming in the shallow water right along the shore.  Not sure if they were Cownose Rays, Manta Rays, or Sting Rays, but they were fun to watch!  (and hard to photograph)
More playing in the sand:
Standing in the big hole:
Mommy in front of her favorite plant - the hibiscus, right in front of our 'Raspberry Cottage':
Attempt at family portrait:
The very end of sunset that night!
Mmmm... breakfast!
Here Zander is playing with his Trunki (which transported his toys):
It doubles as a riding toy - wheee!
Even Dooly can take part in the fun:
Hanging out on the couch:
Heading out on the bikes:
Big boy Zander climbing in by himself - "I do it!!"
Our visit to Sanibel was a wonderful family getaway!  Zander enjoyed the adventure and it was so fun to see him experience new things.  We are thankful for the special memories we created along the way with our Beach Boy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sanibel (part one)

Spring has been slow to arrive this year in Minneapolis!  Today was gorgeous (although still cool) - Zander had fun helping plant part of our vegetable garden. We weren't able to plant everything at this point since there is still a slight possibility of frost the next few nights!  Given that, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on some recent fun-in-the-sun during our April vacation in Sanibel Island, FL.  Here is Zander on the first day - carrying the pole for our beach umbrella:
...doing some serious shoveling:
Hanging with Daddy:
Collecting some 'wa-wa':
Zander absolutely loved playing in the sand!
We enjoyed a tasty dinner at the Bubble Room:
Checking out the Bubble cage:
Since our trip was before Zander's birthday, we were still in the market for a birthday hat.  This one was too big:
And although the Dr. Seuss hat seemed promising, it was also too big:
Fortunately we were able to find a birthday hat back at home!

Zander was pretty scared of the waves, but did fine when he was being held.  Exploring the gulf with Daddy:
Whoa, look at all that sand!
Playing with Mommy:
Our trusty beach umbrella:
Surf's up!
We took several relaxing strolls down the beach.  Daddy wore Zander on his back so he had a good view of both the water and the beach:
Enjoying wildlife:
It was never long before Zander decided to catch a quick nap!
More sand:
That afternoon, we rented bikes for the remainder of the trip.  We took a long ride on Friday afternoon, and stopped at a convenience store for some cold drinks.  Zander quickly gravitated to the area of the store with the adult beverages!
Zander really enjoyed riding in the bike trailer: 
 Helmet on!
 Wearing his new Scooby Doo pajamas (from his cousins):
 Mmmmm... apple!
Despite the number of toys we brought, one of Zander's favorites was the telephone in our unit!
 Chatting away:
 Hello.  Yes, I'm having a great trip!  I miss you!