Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kiana's Official!

We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  Today we finalized Kiana's adoption with a legal hearing at the Hennepin County Juvenile Court.  Kiana did very well and 'spoke up' a lot to let us know she wanted to be part of the conversation.  Here we are with the honorable Judge McShane after our favorable ruling:
It feels like just yesterday we were taking oaths for Zander's adoption... but it was nearly two years ago already.  The date was January 27th, 2011, less than three weeks after Kiana was born!
Outside the courthouse on what was a gorgeous day:
Waiting for our turn at court:
We continued our tradition of celebrating with a fun family brunch - Kiana really enjoyed the restaurant:
Kiana Park, we are crazy about you!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Justin and Erin

A belated congratulations to Amy's Cousin Justin and his wife Erin!  We had a wonderful time attending their gorgeous wedding back in August and welcoming Erin to the family.  Here they are... all smiles!
 It was a lovely outdoor ceremony with many friends and family:
Zander had a great view:
We were SO THRILLED that Kiana was home to be part of celebration!  What a blessing it has been to have her join our family six months earlier than expected.  We have cherished this 'bonus time' and are so thankful that it allowed her to attend two very special family weddings that she would have otherwise missed.  Here she and Bun Bun are taking it all in:
 Groom with proud parents:
Newlywed brother Chris!
The beautiful bride! 
 Mr. and Mrs.!!
We enjoyed a delicious meal at the reception:
And there was lots of dancing!  Here is Daddy with Zander and Cousin Brady:
Getting a little crazy!
Kiana feeling the beat:
Showing off some spin moves:
Zander with some moves of his own... twisting with Mommy:

Kiana dancing with Cousin Luke:
Aunt Heather, Mother of the Groom KK, and Uncle Bob:
Congratulations Justin and Erin, you are an incredible couple and we so enjoyed being part of your big day!  Erin, thank you for visiting us last weekend... it inspired us to get these pics posted!