Thursday, April 17, 2014

Zander's 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Zander!!
We are so proud of what a big boy and awesome brother you have become! We had so much fun celebrating your big milestone with you - first was your birthday party with your friends at Mini-Hops:
 Enjoying the big trampoline:
 ...and the Giant Slide!
 Woo Hoo!
 Running the course with Tobin:
 Nice jump Henry!
 Climbing with Isabel:
 Hi Willow!
Getting a good workout!
 Balance beam:
The full crew:
Time for pizza!!
 ...and Birthday Cake!
We thank all of Zander's friends for making his party so much fun!!
Next was a lively Birthday Celebration at school - when we arrived Ms. Anderson was reading a very appropriate book - Ice Cream!!
 Zander picked a Green Star for his birthday cake - yummy!
 Standing on his chair as his friends sing Happy Birthday:
 Daddy joining the festivities:
Next was a special birthday dinner at... Buca!  Nice job with the menu, Kiana!
 Hi!  I'm FIVE!
 It was so fun to have the Buca singers bring the big candelabra and sing their special birthday song:
 Okay, here goes!
 "You did it" hug from Kiana!
 We even fit in a quick happy birthday greeting from Cousins Luke & Brady!
 Enjoying his new Spooner Board (thanks Nana!):
 Kiana trying out her Spooner moves, complete with party horn:
Happy Happy #5 Zander!  We love you so much and really enjoyed celebrating your special day with you!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Celebrating Kiana Day

Monday (April 14th) we celebrated Kiana Day - two years since our sweet Kiana joined the family!

We had a fun time celebrating and hearing Kiana's very basic understanding of the reasons behind the festivities. When asked why we were celebrating, Kiana replied, "I coming from Korea!"  So cute!! Here are a few more pics from the day. "Yay, Punch Pizza, my favorite!!"
Enjoying a special dessert (Izzy's Ice Cream) with Nana and Zander
Coming after Mommy with messy Chocolate fingers!
Playing with her new 'Pitcher' toy:
 I love my brother!!
 What else has Kiana been up to recently?? Coloring Easter Eggs with Nana!
 All done!!
 Princess Painting!
Swimming lessons!
Hanging out with Amanda! 
Showing off  her "Taco Tongue":
Skating lessons!! Can't see well, but Kiana has four fans watching her (sitting just above where her helmet is in the photo (Nana Pat, Justin, Erin, and Daddy!)
Participating in the 'Smile Mile' race - a family fun run organized by the kids' school.
Daddy getting a little creative with the stroller at the finish line!
Making Cake Pops with Grandma Marie when she visited in February:
Hanging out with Daddy:
Having Zander push her around in her basket:
Enjoying Nadia's Cupcakes - what a treat!
Taking a break on a snowbank:
Posing in the yard:
Enjoying our first family trip to Wisconsin Dells!
 Zander sliding:
 Kiana's turn!
First birthday party at Chuck E Cheese:
Playing hockey with Zander:
First birthday party at a friend's house:
Hanging out with Faith!
Playing with her Mandy doll (from Aunt Heather)
Massaging Vaseline into her hair one night... yes, really!  Hands, PJs covered - super gross and messy.
Sledding on Mommy's birthday:
Frosting Birthday cupcakes:
Playing Magnitiles:
You are such a joy, sweetheart - we love you, Princess Kiana!!