Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Time

We continue to spend lots of high-quality family time together which has been wonderful for integrating Kiana into our home.  We are so grateful for this bonding time during her first months with us.  Here we are at a recent trip to the Minnesota Zoo:
The kids enjoyed the indoor animal displays, especially the scuba diver presentation in one of the big fish tanks.  Then we headed outside where Kiana had fun playing with her sun hat:
The double stroller continues to be a great way to transport both kids, and all of our gear - perfect for a day at the zoo (and it can offroad when needed!):
But today, at the furthest trail point possible, we got a flat tire!  Zander helped Daddy check out the damage:
Kiana moved to the carrier (on Mommy's back), and fortunately Zander was up for the long walk back to the main building.  We arrived just in time for the dolphin show, which we all enjoyed! 
Amazing tricks!
At the dolphin show, we discovered that Kiana can be a very enthusiastic clapper when she gets excited.  Mommy and Daddy found themselves giggling a few times as she continued to applaud vigorously, even after the action was over.  This clip shows a very impressive trick by Dolphin Semo, followed by some of Kiana's clapping:
Definitely a successful zoo visit - the kids were exhausted afterward!
Yesterday was a steamy day with temperatures in the nineties.  We kept cool by visiting the fun outdoor pool at the Maple Grove Community Center.  Kiana did fantastic for her first time in a pool!  It took her some time to warm up to the water and all of the people, but eventually she was comfortable walking around in shallow water and drifting down the lazy river with Mommy.  Here she is, along with Zander enjoying one of the small fountains:
Zander showed Kiana how to play ball in the water:
Fetching Kiana's ball - what a great helper!
Did you have fun Zander? 
The kids also enjoyed getting together with extended family for our annual Memorial Day visit to the grave sites of Nana Pat's parents and grandparents.  We then had a delicious meal at Nana Pat's with some homemade Vietnamese cuisine.  Awesome job cooking Nana - yum yum!

We visited the Children's Museum on a rainy day earlier this week.  The kids loved exploring the 'Habitot' area - here they are on top of the slide:
 Zander checking out a different slide:
 Playing in the Korean restaurant area:
Doing some shopping!
 Zander trying out the 'make your own video' room with Daddy:
 Both kids loved playing in the water area - Kiana putting a ball in the water tube:
 Playing together!
All the activity tuckered out the kids - they slept peacefully on the drive home:
Daddy recently took Zander to a Saint Paul Saints baseball game on a cool, misty day.  They had a really fun time - here is the view from their seats:
Although he loved watching the action (including a broken bat that he still refers to), Zander said that his favorite part of the game was getting hot chocolate with Daddy!
A couple of weekends ago, we attended a Spring Fling fundraiser at Zander's school.  Zander was still a little under the weather with croup - good thing his cousins came along to enjoy the festivities!  Luke and Brady had a great time on the 'bungee jump' - here's Luke way up high:
Brady's turn - we love his expression!
Both cousins jumping at the same time!
Although Zander wasn't quite himself, he eventually found something he really liked... ice cream!
Kiana enjoyed checking out Zander's school and watching all the people and activities:
Earlier that day, we enjoyed a lovely picnic at Minnehaha Park where we connected with many local families who are in the process of adopting from Korea.  It was great to meet everyone and share stories about each of our adventures!

In addition to Minnehaha, we've enjoyed many walks and park visits.  Earlier today, we had fun riding the 'pancake swing':
Nice action shot, Daddy!
The baby swing:
This 'glasses pic' is a favorite of Grandma Marie's:
The kids are also pretty good shoppers:
Helping Daddy drive:
Another vigorous Kiana wave:
We recently attended Cousin Brady's preschool 'graduation' ceremony - Kiana loved all of the singing:
Brady receiving his official certificate of preschool graduation!
All smiles!!
Kiana was excited to see the South Korea flag in Brady's classroom:
Way to go Brady!!
Speaking of Cousin Brady, we also attended his very first T-ball game - here he is batting:
Nice hit!
Enjoying the action from the sidelines... Zander can't wait until next year when he'll be old enough to play!
Kiana enjoying from her new spectator chair (nice selection, Daddy!):
Great throw from second base, Brady!
Nice game Brady - we look forward to many great seasons in the future!
Mommy and Daddy continue to have a blast enjoying this special time with our children - tired, but so very happy!  Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day remembering and celebrating with loved ones.