Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We've been enjoying many milestones as well as Kiana 'firsts' over the last week.  Here Kiana is loving her first visit to the big park near our home: 
Kiana has learned to wave hello/goodbye, and is very enthusiastic about her waving at times.  Here she says hi while playing in the sand for the first time:
She is finally getting used to the green grass which was new to her given the urban setting of her foster home:
Waving with Daddy... so fun!
 Kiana has also developed a mean game of peek-a-boo:
She has enjoyed playing with some of Zander's old toys (this one a gift from neighbors)...
...as well as some of his current toys, such as his yellow construction (or all-purpose sports) hat:
 She also loves all the parts and gadgets on Zander's work bench:
Last Thursday, Zander attended his first concert!  It was Cousin Luke's kindergarten concert, here is Luke singing (turquoise hat, center of photo):
Great singing Luke!!  Zander was a little too shy to have his picture taken with his cousin (new school, big crowd, too much going on), so we went with a family photo instead - what a nice shot!
Over the weekend, Zander continued to celebrate his third birthday with a few more gifts - he loved the Dora card from Nana, Great Aunt KK and Great Uncle Randy:
Yay!  Sports gifts!  He is loving his new ring toss, T-ball and golf sets!
Thanks Nana!  (He also called KK and Randy to say shyly, "Thank you for gifts!").
Wearing his handsome new Twins shirt from his cousins, Zander opens another awesome gift - a Pattern Block Kit - from Amy's cousin Justin and fiancee Erin:
Zander promptly got to work completing his first design - he loves it!  Thank you!
So hard to believe our little guy is three - it seems like just yesterday we were welcoming him to our family!

We enjoyed our first big breakfast out as a family of four - the Original Pancake House - yummy (love the pumpkin pancakes)!  It was a great way to enjoy some family time before Kiana's first visit to the pediatrician.  Unfortunately it was a little sunny for a photo - Zander: "Too bright, Mommy!"
Apparently Mommy's front drapes are a fun place to pose:
Here was Zander posing in the same place when he first came home:
Kiana chose to accessorize on this shot:
Kiana had her first haircut this weekend - Zander showed her the ropes by getting his trimmed first, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to put her at ease.  She cried the whole time, and Mommy had to hold down her arms so she didn't interfere with the scissors!  Her bangs were already quite short, so most of the trimming was in the back.  We weren't able to get a photo (Daddy needed to run outside during the cut), but the scene wasn't that different from Zander's first haircut:

Kiana was much better when the cut was over, here she is sporting her new cut:
Before cut for comparison (with Bun Bun, her super soft bunny, a gift from Amy's team at work):
Doing some shopping afterward:
Kiana enjoys playing with cups, bowls and silverware (which often end up in her mouth like everything else):
Zander also enjoys kitchen gadgets, but has become a little more sophisticated - here he uses his 'big muscles' to juice a lime for some guacamole:
Zander's UCLA T-shirt is to honor the milestone of Jim's 10th MBA reunion this coming weekend - Daddy ended up canceling his trip due to our major change in plans. 
Daddy has also been exercising his 'big muscles' on occasion, carrying both kids at once - roughly 55 squirming pounds (35/20): 
Kiana attended her first birthday party over the weekend (not counting our celebration of Zander's birthday, which was only her third day home).  Cousin Luke, the birthday boy, with Uncle Bob:
Zander sported a new 'Big Brother' shirt - here he is with Brady, being tickled by Aunt Heather:
A very impressive homemade Lego Star Wars cake - Happy 6th Luke!
Zander and Mommy were mesmerized by Uncle Bob's magic tricks, here he is making a ball disappear:
Kiana was the surprise of the party.  She was incredibly energetic and outgoing, cruising around the house despite it being her first time there, and engaging everyone in play.  She was so comfortable and confident, it was a delight to watch.  She had her first cake and ice cream, and I think perhaps her first kiss on the lips from a boy?  It was very cute, Cousin Brady gave her three big smooches on the lips!  Here they are hanging out:
The adventure continues!

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  1. Looks like there is never a dull moment at your house! We can't wait to meet Kiana and visit the entire family! Hugs to all four of you!

    Amy, Ryan & Adaleigh