Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Settling In

It has been a great first ten days at home with Kiana!  She is starting to have lots of fun playing with her big brother:
She enjoys building and knocking down towers:
She's getting more comfortable on her Princess Ride-On...
... and she continues to show off those dimples!
Here Kiana is playing with the 'Look Book' (full of family photos) we sent in our first care package to Korea  - we were very excited it made the trip back home:
Kiana seems to share Mommy's enthusiasm for cute baby girl clothes - in rifling through the laundry basket, she picked out some fun items to showcase - first, a jacket we sent in our second care package:
Next - a gorgeous dress that was a homecoming gift from some neighbors - thanks Julie and Keith!
...and a cute summer outfit from her friend Baby Amanda:
Zander continues to be all sports all the time - here he is playing baseball.  We think he is right-handed, but he continues to wear his glove on his right hand, so is developing a 'mean' left-handed throw:
Daddy adjusting the seat on Zander's new bike:
What a big boy!
We've enjoyed introducing Kiana to our yard and driveway.  I mentioned before that she's not yet that steady on her feet, so adding a steep driveway to the mix can make things interesting!
So fun watching big brother play hockey!
Careful on that follow-through, Zander!
On Saturday, Zander received a birthday gift from Grandma Marie - a 'real' hockey goal!  He is very excited that the goal matches his new bike (red).  Playing goalie:
 Stick handling moves:
 Going in for the score!
Number one fan:
Zander received a few more sports-themed gifts on Saturday afternoon when Baby Amanda came to visit.  Here he is in his new Twins baseball cap and 'big boy' Vikings jersey (you may have noticed that the one he wore on his birthday was getting a little snug).  What great gifts, thank you so much!
 Zander was all smiles dining with his little sister and Baby Amanda - what a crew!
After a delicious dinner and dessert, it was adorable to see the girls sit down next to each other in the family room!  Both were born in 2011 - Kiana in January, Amanda in May.
 Hello Amanda!
 Hello Kiana!
We've been excited to see Kiana showing signs of being a great sharer... sparkling water anyone?
 Oh, you prefer still water?
 Daddy, you must try these delicious Cheerios!
We've so enjoyed seeing the kids giggle and play together.  One of Mommy's favorites is when Daddy plays "Super Kiana," running Kiana through the house in a Superman-type position:
You may remember seeing "Super Zander" shortly after he joined our family in June 2010:
An exciting new dimension this time is that "Super Kiana" now chases Zander - both kids giggle and laugh!
The look of sheer delight on Kiana's face is priceless!
These first ten days have been an incredible adjustment for us all, we are having a blast and can't wait to see what lies ahead!

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  1. That's great! So happy for the Wilson family! Love to all!