Friday, April 13, 2012

What a Day!

So it's Friday the 13th, and we're on the 13th floor of our hotel in Seoul.  North Korea launched a controversial rocket this morning, headed right over Seoul.  There were protesters outside of our hotel chanting angrily when we came in today (still not sure what the issue was).  But it has been a great day for our family!  We've had Kiana with us for the last seven hours and it has been incredible!  Here is our first family portrait taken by another family we met today who also were adopting a girl:
We walked over to the agency for our 12:30pm appointment and waited in the play room:
After a few minutes, Kiana arrived with her foster mother.  The four of us played in the room for about an hour.  Kiana warmed up a little faster than yesterday, but we still didn't hear many giggles or see many smiles.  Here she is taking the whole scene in:
Then Kiana had a final check-in with the doctor - she passed with flying colors.  We exchanged gifts with the agency director, and then signed one last form.  We had a tearful goodbye with Kiana's foster mother just outside the elevator - she handed Kiana over, and Kiana cried loudly as we descended in the elevator.  She quieted down when we exited, and has been on her best behavior ever since!  Here is our first mommy-holding-daughter photo:
 And daddy-holding-daughter:
We set up a fun play area on our hotel room floor, and soon Kiana warmed up and was smiling, cooing and laughing:
Similar to Zander, Kiana has quite the appetite!  We were amazed that she polished off a whole bowl of soft rice with laver (seaweed), in addition to a piece of cheese, a whole banana, some puffs, and some Korean snacks.  She loves to play with utensils: 
And wow, does she ever have DIMPLES!! 
Kiana was excited to wear her new shoes, compliments of Aunt Heather - so cute!
After some more play time and a quick FaceTime session with her new brother, Kiana was ready to hit the sack - here she is in her adorable new Elmo PJ's from the Hobson family - thanks, we love them!
Elmo loves you Kiana, and so do we - you have stolen our hearts!
We are so thankful for this beautiful day - the blessing of Kiana, the love of her birth parents and foster family, the great work of our social workers and adoption agencies, and the love of all of our family and friends.  Tonight as we welcome the newest little Wilson to our family, we say goodnight to the bustling city of Seoul outside our window - good night Seoul!


  1. Yes, I was crying by the end of the post... :) We are SOOOO happy for you! Kiana is such a delight and I'm glad she likes her Elmo pj's.

    -Mary, John, Cole and Fiona

  2. Have a safe trip home and Welcome into the Wilson Family, Miss Kiana! We love you and can't wait to meet you! Adaleigh can't wait to shop for you!!!

    Amy, Ryan & Adaleigh

  3. Congratulations Jim & Amy!! The four of you make an adorable family. We are so happy for you!!

    Matt & Lauren

  4. She is so precious! And we are so happy for you Congratulations and safe travels back. Kim, Dave and Amanda.