Monday, April 9, 2012

We Made It!

After an uneventful 13 hour flight from LAX, we've made it to Seoul.  It was a super early arrival on Tuesday morning as we cleared customs and got our luggage at around 4:30 am.  By flying across the international date line, we completely lost Monday.  There's a joke somewhere in there about that!  :-)

A favorite moment we shared was at baggage claim, when we saw a boy about Zander's age hugging his baby sister as they both rode on the luggage cart... we can't wait to see our two pumpkins together!

Here are some pictures of Jim that we took upon our arrival at Incheon Airport.  Not too shabby after a night of nearly no sleep...
Bus we took to our hotel:
As soon as we got a signal, we accessed the free WiFi in the airport to get an update on how things were going at home with Zander and Nana Pat.  We were thrilled to hear that they had such a good night after we left on Sunday featuring a wonderful dinner that Aunt Heather had prepared.  Zander's off to a great start at home "taking care of Nannie" and we're really proud of him.

Once we got our bearings at the airport, we boarded the first bus of the morning that headed to our hotel in the business district and were at the Seoul Renaissance Hotel ( before 6:30 am.  Gotta love the check-in process here!  We didn't pay for Monday night, but signed up for an "early check-in" and that worked to get us into our hotel room -- a nice sized room on the 13th floor.

The hotel is huge and has more than six restaurants on-site.  Only a couple were open so early in the morning - we chose the international breakfast buffet and had a wonderful first meal that featured a spicy kimchee and cheese omelet for Jim and some Korean soup for Amy, among other things.  The restaurants at the hotel are a contrast to our last stay in Seoul, where our hotel was attached to an Outback steakhouse.

After breakfast, we enjoyed a much-needed hour nap since neither of us slept much on the overnight flight, as well as a hot shower - yay!!  Now we are heading off exploring our area of town!


  1. Woo hoo!! Keep up the updates!!

    Love - Mary, John, Cole and Fiona

  2. Yeah! Thinking of you guys! Love, Kim, Dave and Amanda.