Friday, April 6, 2012


Waiting for Kiana:

My goodness, where to start?  Last week I was thinking about much has happened since our last post.  Zander moved to a big boy room!  Daddy got a mini-van! (Yes, college/MBA friends of Jim - you read that correctly).  We had the interior of our home painted.  Zander graduated from his high chair.  And then, the unthinkable happened - WE RECEIVED OUR TRAVEL CALL!!!

Yes, the call for us to travel to Korea to pick up Kiana... six months earlier than expected - a complete shock and an incredible blessing!  Needless to say it has been a wild week for us all - trying to put the house back together post-painting, shopping for essentials (carseat, mattress, clothes), tying up loose ends at work in preparation for leave, preparing Zander for the fact that Mommy and Daddy are going to be leaving for a week.  We depart on Easter afternoon, and will arrive in Seoul very early on Tuesday morning.

Details on our upcoming adventure to follow.  In the mean time, a few more fun Zander pics...

Testing out mini-vans at the recent Auto Show at the Minneapolis convention center:
Look Nana, one hand!
Zander was fascinated by the bikes on the sporty Acura:
Determined to step on the gas:
Enjoying the view from up high on one of the Army vehicles:
 Closing out the event with a big bear hug!
Shooting some hoops!
About two weeks before receiving our travel call, we sent Kiana a second care package - hopefully she receives it before we get there!  It included a cute polka-dot jacket, some fuzzy slippers, a kitty PJ set, a colorful and active book that Zander loves, a fun key chain toy that we first sent to Zander in his care package, and another disposable camera.  When we sent the package, we had no expectation of being able to see Kiana wear any of the items, but perhaps now we will.  We are SOOOO EXCITED!!!! 

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  1. SOOOO Excited for you guys!!! Can't wait for updates through the week!

    -Mary, John, Cole and Fiona