Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

Happy Leap Day!  On what was already a unique day, Zander's school ended up being closed due to a large snowstorm - the first of the season (pretty amazing considering that we live in Minneapolis!).  He really enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time playing with his cousins - especially going sledding.  Here he is early in the day with some of his friends - wearing his 'Let it Snow' shirt from Grandma Marie:
It was fun to take a few minutes today to reflect on how much Zander has grown and developed (so many leaps!) in recent months, truly amazing.

Here are, pictorially, some of the new skills Zander has developed over the last 6 months... 
Playing catch - even with crazy glasses:
Sitting like a big boy, as well as climbing up/down from his highchair and our bar stools:
Shopping (he frequently requests to go shopping when we are in the car):
Coloring with markers:
...and with crayons on an easel:
And, face painting!
Wow, isn't that funny?
Actually, it's not as funny when the yogurt gets in your eyes!!  Owie!!
Maybe pudding works better?
Snoozing in multiple situations - lunchtime:
...even during a haircut! 
Relaxing is so far from the trauma that used to accompany each haircut - recall:
Distractions continue to be key in stressful situations:
Zander is getting pretty good at taking off his clothes, and in some cases, putting them on:
Giving his friends a lift (Valentino in this case):
Going on amusement park rides:
Holding hands with girls - already!!??  Zander's friend Elara helped show him the ropes at Nickelodeon park at the Mall of America:
Zander has recently picked up hockey - he loves it!  Whether it be in the house, on the driveway, on the pond in our back yard, or here at the local park, Zander really enjoys chasing the ball/puck!
"Chef Z" has become quite the mixer/blender.  Specialties include french toast, guacamole, and cookies:
Zander, we have so much fun watching you learn and grown, it is unbelievable how quickly it happens!  We can't wait to see what is next.  Thanks for lighting up our lives with your smile and always making us laugh!

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