Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Kiana!

Today was Kiana's big day... two years old!  Woo Hoo!  We had a delightful time celebrating with her at school...
...and over the weekend with a festive birthday celebration.  Her cake was lovely:
Note the Korean flag on the cake. We also served some of our favorite Korean dishes to celebrate - here are some of the crew dishing up beef and pork bulgogi, mandu, japchae, bibimbap, and kimchi:
It has been so fun watching Kiana's friend 'Baby Amanda' growing up into 'Toddler Amanda'!!
"I LOVE Japchae!"
Kiana enjoyed having "Happy Birthday" sung to her:
Going in for the candles:
Mmm... birthday cake and ice cream!!
Time to open some cards - this one sends lots and lots of love from Cousin Brady who was unfortunately was not feeling well enough to make the party:
Cousin Luke was almost as excited about Kiana's beautiful new top/dress as she was!
Modeling her new duds - what beautiful colors!  Thank you!
Wow, a Lettersauras!!
Disney Princess "Tea with Belle" was a huge hit!  Kiana can't wait to wear the fun costume skirt.
Ta-da!  Hot tea for everyone!
What could be in such a big package?
An adorable highchair for Kiana's dolls/friends!  Here is Bitty Baby trying it out - so precious!
Randy and KK watching Kiana opening...
...a new picnic basket!
Bun Bun also asked for some tea:
At the end of the party, someone noticed that all the women were wearing the same type of 'house shoes!" - funny!  Yours truly is wearing the fun squiggles.
Today, Mommy and Daddy got to celebrate with Kiana at school - here she is enjoying cake:
 Hi Daddy!
 Let's go find Zander!
 Zander had just come in from playing outside:
'Toasting' Daddy at a special birthday dinner:
 A family pic!
Celebrating with an ice cream sundae (yes, along with a breadstick from dinner):
Kiana is already a pro at opening gifts:
  A cute and snuggly bunny blanket!
 More goodies:
 A "Boo" doll, complete with pigtails just like Kiana's!!
 Yay!  Boo can eat in the highchair too!
 Yahoo!  Kiana's very own Hello Kitty... Chia style!!
 Happy Birthday to our little princess, we love you so and are thrilled to have you in our family!