Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday season!
One last post for 2012 to catch up on our Christmas holiday season.  We kicked things off at our favorite Christmas store in Dallas over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Zander enjoyed the beautiful Christmas scenery:
Ho Ho Ho!
The kids had so much fun hanging out with Cousin Adaleigh, Aunt Amy, and Uncle Ryan:
Grandma Marie enjoying time with two of her sons:
Aunt Amy helped Zander take a closer look at the giant nutcracker
Up high - woo hoo!
Next was the Medtronic Holiday Party early in December.  Here are the kids with Santa (and Mommy):
Enjoying some Christmas carols:
Nana Pat helped Zander do his Christmas shopping for Mommy and Daddy:
The kids had a blast at the party:
Kiana zonked out after the festivities:
We headed right from the party to Zander's skate lesson... note that his hockey gear looks very similar to his Halloween costume!  Zander LOVES skating and has already mastered the basics:
Kiana enjoyed watching several of Zander's lessons:
At times, Zander and Kiana play incredibly well together - here they are watching the iPad together:
And 'cooking' in the kitchen:
In mid-December, Baby Amanda and her family treated us to a fantastic brunch at Rush Creek - here we are with Santa:
Kiana and Baby Amanda:
What a feast!
Hi kids!
When Santa asked Zander what he wanted for Christmas, Zander simply said "Hockey Toys." 
Yay, a family photo!
Santa posing with Kim, Baby Amanda, and Dave:
Zander had a short holiday concert at school which included a few Christmas carols.  Although we hear Zander is typically an enthusiastic singer, the 'crowd' must have been too much for him... he didn't sing a word and stood quietly in a daze (shaking his jingle bells at times).  So cute!
Kiana had a party of her own, and then enjoyed visiting Zander's party:
Look what I made!
Daddy enjoying watching Zander decorate cookies:
Waiting for Christmas:
Zander and Daddy enjoying their first skate of the season on the pond:
The kids had a lot of fun with matching pajamas during the holiday:
Big Brother giving Little Sister a ride:
Ring around the rosie:
The kids had tons of fun wiht their cousins on Christmas Eve - Luke, Zander and Brady:
Nice perma-grin, Daddy!
Uncle Bob and Aunt Heather carving the scrumptious beef tenderloin:
A quick break for some night skating on Uncle Bob's backyard rink:
Hi Daddy!
Kiana had fun reading with Aunt Connie:
Wow, a new sled!
 Luke and Brady opening a gift:
 Yay, more matching pajamas!!
Opening gifts on Christmas morning:
An adorable apron for Kiana!!  (and a matching one for Mommy)
'Playing' with frosting... messy!
Enjoying family time:
Kiana enjoyed hanging out with Aunt Heather:
The 'pizza' (with pizza cutter) from Nana was a huge hit!
Yay, beautiful new nutcrackers for the moms:
It was a delightful holiday season and a very special 2012 for us with the addition of Kiana to our family.  We love you pumpkin, and look forward to a fantastic 2013!
And Zander you continue to amaze us with your playful spirit and bright smile. All our love for 2013!