Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting Kiana!

At last!  This afternoon we finally met our little princess, Kiana Park Wilson, in her foster home:
Both Mommy and Daddy were so excited and nervous before the meeting - here is our self-photo before we walked over to the adoption agency:
After arriving at the agency, we hopped into a van with one other family (from Madison, WI) who were visiting their new son for the first time at his foster home.  Kiana's foster home is about 45 minutes east of Seoul.  It actually took a little longer to get there today because the driver got lost - the extra time certainly built up our anticipation!  We were welcomed into the hi-rise apartment by both Kiana and her foster mom - it was so wonderful to see our beautiful girl in person!
 Checking out Daddy...
... and Mommy!
Kiana was very shy at first, but warmed up as the time passed.  We've only seen a few smiles from her so far - hopefully there will be more tomorrow!  Kiana was munching on a yummy rice cracker most of the time we were there:
We have since tried to find a similar product in the grocery store for her - but no luck yet.  Kiana paged through the 'look book' we had sent her in our first care package while we were there - we loved the fact that she kept pointing to pictures of Zander - we think she is eager to meet him!
Our meeting lasted about an hour - and boy did it fly by!  The majority of the time, our social worker (left) was asking the foster mother (right) many detailed questions (in Korean) about Kiana's day-to-day routine in preparation for the 'travel report' she'll be providing to us:
We were then able to ask some questions about Kiana's normal routine, sleeping/eating habits, etc.  Tomorrow, we'll meet Kiana and her foster mother again at 12:30pm for another one-hour 'play date' at the agency.  At that point, we'll be clear to bring Kiana back to our hotel with us to give us time to get to know her more before our transcontinental flight on Saturday evening.  We are still figuring out what we'll want to do with Kiana tomorrow and how we'll manage the logistics - where will she sleep, what will she eat, etc.  The adventure continues!

Here are a few videos we took during our first meeting:
We can't wait to see Kiana again tomorrow and officially welcome her to our family!!


  1. What a cutie sweetheart!!! So excited for you guys!

    -John, Mary, Cole and Fiona

  2. So exciting! Is that your iPhone she has? Amanda is fascinated by mine too. Funny! We can't wait to meet her too!
    Kim, Dave and Amanda