Monday, May 14, 2012


"Ommah" is the Korean word for "Mom/Mommy," - hoping everyone enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day!  My first Mother's Day with Kiana and second with Zander was simply wonderful.  I received a very special gift from the kids - a precious necklace engraved with "Ommah," written "엄마" in Hangul (Korean script):
The boys got us all off to a great start by cooking a delicious pancake breakfast:
We later enjoyed our first family-of-four walk to the big park in our neighborhood.  We are very excited that Zander has been enjoying the double stroller - he hasn't been interested in the single stroller for many months, but apparently riding next to his little sister has renewed his interest:
Ready to dig!
Zander showing Kiana the ropes (with his BIG shovel): 
Wow, even a Mother's Day smooch!

Zander has been enjoying playing with the big digger a lot recently: 
Kiana's interest has been more going down slides - little ones by herself (with a little help), and big ones with Mommy or Daddy.  Up at the top with Daddy:
This one was a little steep for Mommy!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day!
In the afternoon we celebrated Mother's Day with Nana Pat and Aunt Heather.  The weather was perfect for a delicious outdoor barbecue:
The boys spent a lot of time 'racing' down the slide.  Here is Cousin Luke, with Kiana watching the action:
Go Zander!
Uncle Bob and Nana Pat watching from the deck:
Kiana continues to be so comfortable in her new setting that it feels like she has been part of our family for "years" versus just one month!  What a special blessing to be able to spend this Mother's Day with her, given that we weren't expecting her to arrive until fall.  In fact, the three us of (Mommy, Daddy, and Zander) were supposed to be in Philadelphia this past weekend celebrating Mommy's 10th year MBA reunion at Wharton.  Hope everyone had a blast!  Although I really wanted to be at the reunion, I didn't want to be away from Kiana during this critical bonding time, and Mother's Day wouldn't have been the same without the kids!  And it turned out for the best as Kiana came down with an ear infection last week, and Zander ended up getting a viral infection (croup) that has kept him from sleeping well.  Two sick kids may have made it a very long weekend for Daddy! 

Kiana giggling as she watched the boys on the slide:
These boys are so much fun!

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