Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Weekend

On Good Friday, Zander's school sent us a picture of him sporting his 'Bunny Best':
That was the start of a fun Easter weekend.  Saturday began with trip to the zoo with Zander's friend Clara.  He enjoyed giving the Easter Bunny a big high five!
 ...and seeing some baby bunnies:
 Family shot (including Puppy, of course):
 Zander and Clara enjoyed watching the sea otters at play:
 It was fun to watch the bears - they were sleeping during our last visit:
 Clara and Anna checking out the camels:
 Zander considers sharing his Cheerios with the goats:
 Checking out the cows:
 Whoa, who's that driving?
 Having a blast steering the tractor (with puppy in tow):
 Chauffeuring Clara:
 In the barn with Mommy:
We all enjoyed the zoo and it was really great to catch up with Clara, Anna, and Brian.  After naptime, we attended Cousin Luke's fifth birthday party - it was so fun!  At the end of the party, Luke & Brady shared their 'Jumpy House' with Zander - he had never been inside one before.  Here Brady is showing Zander how it is done:
 Zander finally gained the confidence to go inside the house and give it a try - he loved it!
 Whee... an action shot:
We all enjoyed celebrating Luke's Birthday with him.

On Easter morning, Zander enjoyed going on an Easter Egg hunt.  Later in the day, we hosted some of the family for a delicious, (non-traditional) Asian feast!  The boys enjoyed some quality time on the swing set before the meal... and we even had a surprise guest slider - Uncle Tim!  Here is Tim conquering the slide:
 Whee!!  Nice form.
 Luke and Zander riding tandem:
 All three cousins: Brady, Luke & Zander:
 Riding fun:
 A little last minute Easter shopping:
 And a final game of catch:
It was a delightful weekend!

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