Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sanibel (part one)

Spring has been slow to arrive this year in Minneapolis!  Today was gorgeous (although still cool) - Zander had fun helping plant part of our vegetable garden. We weren't able to plant everything at this point since there is still a slight possibility of frost the next few nights!  Given that, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on some recent fun-in-the-sun during our April vacation in Sanibel Island, FL.  Here is Zander on the first day - carrying the pole for our beach umbrella:
...doing some serious shoveling:
Hanging with Daddy:
Collecting some 'wa-wa':
Zander absolutely loved playing in the sand!
We enjoyed a tasty dinner at the Bubble Room:
Checking out the Bubble cage:
Since our trip was before Zander's birthday, we were still in the market for a birthday hat.  This one was too big:
And although the Dr. Seuss hat seemed promising, it was also too big:
Fortunately we were able to find a birthday hat back at home!

Zander was pretty scared of the waves, but did fine when he was being held.  Exploring the gulf with Daddy:
Whoa, look at all that sand!
Playing with Mommy:
Our trusty beach umbrella:
Surf's up!
We took several relaxing strolls down the beach.  Daddy wore Zander on his back so he had a good view of both the water and the beach:
Enjoying wildlife:
It was never long before Zander decided to catch a quick nap!
More sand:
That afternoon, we rented bikes for the remainder of the trip.  We took a long ride on Friday afternoon, and stopped at a convenience store for some cold drinks.  Zander quickly gravitated to the area of the store with the adult beverages!
Zander really enjoyed riding in the bike trailer: 
 Helmet on!
 Wearing his new Scooby Doo pajamas (from his cousins):
 Mmmmm... apple!
Despite the number of toys we brought, one of Zander's favorites was the telephone in our unit!
 Chatting away:
 Hello.  Yes, I'm having a great trip!  I miss you!

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  1. Is it just me - or is Jim doing a fabulous Zoolander impression in the beach photo? :)

    -Mary, John and Cole