Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally -- a Name!!

As part of the big birthday weekend, we've finally landed a name for our little guy.  Welcome Alexander Kim Wilson as the newest member of our family!!  We'll be calling him Zander for short!


  1. Ryan and Amy WilsonApril 18, 2010 at 11:00 PM

    WE LOVE IT!! Zander is one lucky fella to get you two as parents....we cannot wait to meet him too!

    Tank really thought you might take his name for the baby...he was a little worried, but relieved now.

  2. What a great name you have chosen to give this special little boy! We look forward to meeting Zander and watching him grow up.

    Does he get to have a puppy???

  3. What a fabulous name!! Zander is such a lucky boy to have such wonderful parents! Can't wait until your "warrior" (I looked it up on :) ) comes home.

    Mary, John and Cole

  4. Hello Amy Lam:
    I was thinking that you may have already or was getting close to getting your little guy so I finally got around to getting onto your blog! You and Jim must be so excited - I certainly am for you - 'course I may be a bit biased in your choice of nationality. How long will you stay in Seoul? word of caution, do not eat at the Fridays (why would you??) as Tim got food poisoning from there, of all places. I have several nieces that live in Seoul and long to get back there to visit. Right now, I'm finding it hard to simply get back to Iowa to see my folks.
    Will you be in NJ this summer? I would love to see you - and meet little Zander. PLEASE let me know.
    Also, I don't have an updated email for you...

    I will pray that the adoption process moves more quickly and for a smooth transition process.

    I think of you often and miss you.

    big hug,
    mary mary

  5. So excited! I am talking to your Mom and we figured you are meeting Zander right about now. Very happy for you! I will pray to St. Christopher for safe travels. Love you both, Aunt Gail