Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It's a little strange to celebrate Mother's Day as a mother... who has not yet met her child!   Our paperwork is now officially at the Korean Ministry - indicating that our Travel Call will likely come sometime in June.  We are very hopeful that Zander will be with us for Father's Day, and continue to prepare for the big day. We recently attended two different 'Parenting' workshops (for parents adopting internationally) - a key theme that has emerged is that the experience will indeed be an adventure! 

On Saturday, we had lunch at a Korean restaurant, and then attended (with Amy's mom) an event featuring Korean Foods and Festivities.  We are including both radishes and cabbage as new additions to our vegetable garden this year so we can try our hand at making Kimchi, Korea's most well known dish. 

Jim recently assembled Zander's running stroller, and his new wagon.  The crowd of Zander fans eagerly awaiting his arrival continues to grow... they are pictured below testing out the new wheels (L to R: Singe, Leon, Shorty, Scoob, Froggie).  You can also see our veggie garden in the background.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! June is right around the corner... and we are crossing our fingers that Zander will be home for Father's Day!!

    Love - Mary, John and Cole