Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Wishes to Our Little Guy

Wishing our little guy a very happy 1st birthday!  Definitely a difficult day for us to celebrate without him, but thoughts of him have been with us all day.

We celebrated with a big day full of Korean food.  Lunch at a really small Korean restaurant called Dong Yang in Columbia Heights (near where Amy works) where we had a tasty rice and noodle dish.  They have a nice little Asian grocery store attached, and we did some shopping there in preparation for cooking our 1st-ever Korean dishes for dinner.  Jim made a spicy chicken dish (a bit too spicy, but really flavorful) and Amy made a great spinach side dish that we shared with some good friends (Kim and Dave) who gave our little guy an awesome birthday present --> a really special blue blanket that Kim crocheted.

Of course, we couldn't celebrate a birthday without some cake, and Amy made a yummy lemon cake (one of Betty Crocker's finest!) with a single candle on it.

Happy Birthday little guy.  We miss you and cannot wait to get you home witih us!

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