Monday, October 17, 2011

Two and a Half!

Zander turned two and a half today!  In celebration, we wanted to share some fun pics we just received (today in fact!) from a recent photo shoot.  The photos were taken on October 8th, just after Daddy's big milestone birthday and the day before Mommy & Daddy's seventh anniversary.  Lots to celebrate!
 We love this shot of Zander hanging out with Daddy:
 Our star football player:
 More leaves!
 A fragile flower:
 Family shot:
 Checking out the lake:
 Practicing his punting:
 Hanging with Puppy in the wagon!
Climbing on Mommy:
 Mommy & Daddy catching a quick 'couples' shot:
 Pretty flowers...
 Congrats on the big milestone Zander!  We love you pumpkin!
"I'm two."  "and half"
PS. Thanks to Jodi & Glenn for the wonderful photo shoot gift and to photographer Kim for capturing Zander's personality so well (especially considering that he missed both his nap and his lunch that day).  We had a blast!


  1. Great pictures of all of you! I can't believe how big Zander is getting!

    Kim, Dave and Amanda

  2. Great photos! Love the Fall pictures. Looks like it was a really fun day. We really miss the season changes, so enjoy the leaves for us!