Saturday, November 26, 2011

Busy Thanksgiving Weekend

Zander was delighted with our mild Thanksgiving weather and made the most of the long weekend by cramming in lots of fun activities.  We kicked off the celebration with a lovely Thanksgiving breakfast at Baby Amanda's house:
Hi Amanda!  Zander enjoyed watching her play (and later nap) in her jumpy horse:
A Thanksgiving story with Dave:
Then it was off to a Thanksgiving feast at Uncle Bob's house.  Here he is carving up a delicious bird:
We had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends:
Cousins Luke and Brady provides some lively Christmas carols:
Zander watching his cousins in awe (with Puppy and Dooly):
We gave thanks for all of our friends and family, including Dooly and puppy, as well as Zander's birthparents and foster family - they will always have a special place in our hearts.

On Friday, we headed out to pick our our Christmas tree - here Zander enjoyed the big Santa Claus out front:
In the afternoon, we visited Macy's festive holiday display:
Zander was really engaged by the display and enjoyed watching all of the elves in motion:
Nana Pat enjoyed the display too!
After a nice dinner, we headed outside for the first Holidazzle parade of the season.  It was unusual for all of us (except Zander) to be able to enjoy the parade without a coat!
Bullseye (the Target mascot) was the grand marshal to kick off the 20th year of the parade  - he's in the lower left of this photo:
Bullseye again (not a real dog this time) with Pinocchio:
Wow, watching illuminated floats is really fun!!
Gingerbread house - one of Nana's favorite floats:
Premium 'sky' seating!
Showing off his Christmas PJ's on Saturday morning:
Ready to go with some wrapping paper... too bad we haven't done our shopping yet!
Stirring up some eggs - yummy!
Adding the flour for french toast batter:
After enjoying Zander's french toast, we visited Excelsior (on Lake Minnetonka), to check out a very quaint festival called 'Christkindlsmarkt.'
 Running by the docks:
 Enjoying the open air market at the German Christkindlsmarkt festival:
 Zander was afraid of the reindeer, so we didn't get very close:
Zander's favorite part of the market was the German singing and yodeling.  We listened as this family of four (the Flemming Fold) perform some wonderful seasonal music:
Then was a ride on the Northpole Trolley with Santa Claus!
Zander picked up a penguin friend on the trolley (and Mommy picked up a new hat at the Christkindlsmarkt):
 Santa Claus!
 Zander and Daddy having a chat with Santa:
The street car:
As Zander grabbed his afternoon nap, Mommy and Daddy grabbed some lunch a the festive Galaxy Drive-In:
Zander snoozing in the back seat as Mommy enjoys some cocoa:
After nap, Zander ventured down to the Metrodome to get his first taste of live football at the Prep Bowl (state high school tournament).  Here he is clapping for the Bemidji team after a big play:
 Sitting down close to the action was fun!
 Even puppy got into the excitement:
 What a fun day!
Zander slept pretty well over the weekend - we definitely tired him out!  He also enjoyed hosting dinner on Sunday night - Nana Pat made a delicious turkey soup from the Thanksgiving leftovers - yummy!  And as usual, Zander loved playing with Cousins Luke and Brady. 

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  1. Zander - So glad you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. It looks like you were super busy with fun and exciting activities. We are quite jealous of all of the great Holiday activities available in Minneapolis. (Light parade, Macy's Decorations, playing outside in the cooling weather.) Take care of your parents. John, Mary, Coleman and Fiona