Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks and Treats

Long time no post!  Unfortunately Kiana's first Halloween wasn't quite as we envisioned... she spent the day home sick with a stomach bug (in addition to an ear infection)  But Halloween was not lost... on Saturday the kids enjoyed Trunk-or-Treating at a school party:
Zander continues to have the hockey bug... at times, it is definitely all hockey all the time!  So his Halloween costume request came as no surprise - here is our Preschool Hockey Enthusiast:
Kiana sported a lively Ladybug costume:
 Having a ball post Trunk-or-Treating:
Carving pumpkins!
Kiana had a pretty rough overnight last night given her stomach bug.  Fortunately she continued to show improvement throughout the day today, and even cracked some smiles...  Boo!
Sporting her 'Daddy is Under My Spell' shirt... good self-awareness Kiana!!
Taking Hello Kitty for a spin:
 Cruising the kitchen in style:
Costume time!
Kiana and Mommy stayed home on candy duty while the boys went out trick-or-treating:
 Goodbye kiss from Zander:
Zander enjoying his 'sweet' reward after the festivities.  Good night!

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