Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Together!

Happy Easter! We enjoyed a wonderful first Easter as a family of four - hard to believe that it was a year ago that Mommy and Daddy left Easter dinner early to catch a flight to Seoul to finally meet Kiana! Such vivid memories that in many ways feel just like yesterday.
The kids had tons of fun coloring eggs with Nana last weekend:
Zander and Kiana enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt at school on Friday, followed by a very special brunch with the Easter Bunny on Saturday. Thanks to friend Amanda for the invite (previously known as 'Baby Amanda' - now well into the Toddler phase):
Getting excited for the egg hunt?
Lots of giggling!
Yay, we found our treasure bags with lots of fun loot:
Despite our efforts, a family photo was not in the cards... note Kiana's very flattering hand gestures...:
...and Amanda's early mastery of photo crashing- nice work!:
Zander throwing in the towel...
Zander and Kiana had a blast hunting for Easter eggs at home earlier today:
Kiana continues to smile 'so hard' that you can't see her eyes: 
Juice break:
We enjoyed hosting family for a delicious Easter meal - Brady, Zander, and Luke:
KK, Randy, and Chris:
Kiana enjoyed playing some fun games at the table...
...such as "Pin the nose on Uncle Randy..." well as "Remove Mommy's nose:"
...and finally, the "Bunny Glasses Squint!"
Nice Bunny Ears Zander!
Kiana, we are so thankful that you've joined our family, and loved celebrating Easter as a family of four! Thank you for always brightening our day! 

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