Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Kiana!!!

Kiana had a fantastic day celebrating her big milestone. She enjoyed a purple (favorite color) birthday cake at school with her friends:

Kiana picked Punch Pizza for her special birthday dinner and finished her whole bambini pizza (along with some special desserts)!

Kiana's interest in hockey continues to grow, influenced by Zander's continued passion for the game. After recently feeling left out when Zander and Cousins Luke and Brady were all playing with their new goalie sticks, Kiana was delighted to receive her own Olympic goalie stick tonight!
And how could a birthday be complete without a Hello Kitty Chia Pet?
Okay, anyone following along may have noticed that my last post was the day Kiana turned two and a half! What has she been doing the last six months!!?  Knowing that 'a picture =1,000 words,' here are a few photos of Kiana's recent activities. 

Kiana LOVES to hang out an play with Zander. Here they are before gymnastic class (Kiana sporting her leotard):
Kiana loves to cook and is getting better at making smaller messes!
She attended her first 'kid' birthday party a few months ago - she had so much fun celebrating with her dear friend Gigi:
Sometimes Kiana likes to see how puffy she can make her hair when taking out her pigtails:
Yesterday was a very unusual 'Cold Weather' day for Kiana (no school) - she enjoyed her first face painting experience courtesy of Aunt Heather. Here she is looking like her bestest bud, 'Bun Bun':
Watching a movie with Zander and her scary-painted Cousins:
And the Holidays! We were blessed with a very fun-filled and joyous holiday season. Kiana continues to enjoy doing her 'extreme smile' in photos - this one at the IDS Center following the Holidazzle parade:
She and Zander enjoyed visiting Santa at their school party:
Celebrating with Nana Pat:
Checking out a reindeer with Zander before going on a sleigh ride:
Visiting Santa at Rush Creek with friend Amanda:
Amanda sneaking into our family pic!
Taking turns with Zander on the Advent Calendar:
Wow, her very own hockey helmet!! Thanks Uncle Ryan, Aunt Amy and Adaleigh! Perfect for Kiana's skating lessons that started last week.
Hanging out in Christmas PJs:
Opening her stocking:
Taking a wonderful trip to Texas to visit Grandma Marie, Papa Duc, Uncle Chris, and their families. Going to the park with Grandma:
Spending lots of time with Cousin Skylar, including an ice skating outing and Zander and Kiana's first in-theater movie, Frozen, which they loved:
Visiting the Dallas Children's Arboretum: 
Spending time with Papa Duc and Ann:
Celebrating at school, and singing at her first concert (Kiana sings a mean 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'):
(Red dress left of teacher... ringing her jingle bells!)
Experiencing Disney on Ice:
Supervising as Daddy puts the lights on the tree:
Practicing 'taco tongue' with Zander: 
Happy 3rd Birthday sweetheart, we love you so much!!!

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