Sunday, November 14, 2010


November has been flying!  The first week of the month was pretty hectic - Mommy had two work trips, and Zander came down with a fever, so was home from school Tuesday-Thursday.  He certainly wasn't himself - no giggling, minimal appetite, and he was putting his head down anywhere he could to rest:
Fortunately he was back to himself for the weekend.  On Sunday, he was able to resume one of his current favorite activities - saying "apple", eating apple, and feeding Daddy apple:
Zander loves balloons, so Daddy picked out a Vikings balloon (above) for him before the big Arizona game.  Unfortunately the balloon got tangled going into the car, came off its string, and floated away... so Daddy had to go back for a second balloon!  The balloon seemed to work its magic at the tail end of the game when the Vikings pulled out an unlikely OT win.  This week, we learned that the balloon must only be good for one week.

Zander's cute blue outfit was a gift from Amy's colleague Noreen - it is adorable!
Zander continues to build his vocabulary!  One night Mommy asked him to hand her a book - he gripped the book, turned around, shook his head, smiled, and exclaimed very clearly, "MINE!"  He has roughly doubled his vocabulary from the list of ten words mentioned on our 10/17 post.  In addition to "mine", he now also says: Da-da (finally! Daddy was getting very tired of being called Mama!), Nana, hi, bye, ball, owie, help, more, and poop.  The last three words have been particularly helpful in knowing when Zander needs assistance, when he would like more food, and when his diaper needs a change!

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