Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Although Zander is still trying to figure out the whole Halloween thing, it didn't stop him from having fun celebrating over the last two weeks.  He dressed up four different times - his costume was the Korean Hanbok (native dress) that his foster mother sent home with us when we left Korea.  We really enjoyed the opportunity to see Zander in this beautiful, traditional outfit since we missed him wearing it on his first birthday! 

Last weekend was the General Mills fall festival - here is Zander getting ready:
Catching a quick (Korean) story before heading out:
Checking out the festivities:
His first wiener dog!:
Watching Cousin Luke get his face painted:
Yeaterday (Saturday), Zander spent his morning enjoying the Halloween festivities on Main Street in Maple Grove.  Then, in the afternoon, his school sponsored a Fall Festival:

In his classroom with Daddy and Nana Pat:
Too much excitement - I need a nap!:
Even in his sleep... a big hug for Dooly!:
After a quick power nap, Zander had a great time playing the 'tunnel' game with Nana Pat:
When Nana Pat got ready to leave after dinner, Zander gave her a kiss goodbye.  Then, he added a new word to his vocabulary - "Nana"!! 

This morning, we took a Halloween field trip to near Osceola, WI to see 'Aunt Jodi' and her girls who are visiting from Philadelphia.  Since Jodi was staying at her sister's place, the outing became a playdate with six other children.  In almost no time, Daddy became "Jungle Jim" with the kids, while Zander looked on (in his pumpkin socks):
 Gabrielle, Sam, and Zoe:
 On Sunday night, Zander went trick-or-treating in his wagon:
 Practicing.... "Trick or Treat!":
 Zander enjoyed getting a chance to pet Kim & Dave's cat Boo (yes, such an appropriate name!).  Zander was a little scared at first, but then did great. 
 Here is Zander with his Cousins Luke and Brady:
 The end of a fun-filled (and sugar-filled) weekend:

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  1. Hello!
    I am also an adoptive mom of a child from Korea. I found your blog in an "interesting" way. Long story husband recently met someone who works at General Mills...and this person mentioned that she knew someone from work who also had adopted from Korea. My husband asked for a name to see if we might know this family (since we have met a good number of adoptive families nearby). We didn't, but we were able to find your blog. I also have a blog ( Our son came home over a year ago (Sept 2009) and has a Hanbok that looks nearly identical to your son's, which made me smile. I love finding new blogs of adoptive families, especially those that live in our neck of the woods. is nice to meet you. Your son is adorable!