Monday, October 11, 2010


On Saturday, Zander helped Mommy & Daddy celebrate their wedding anniversary.  The fact that it was an unseasonably warm and sunny day with beautiful fall colors and that the Twins were playing the Yankees in the playoffs reminded us so much of our wedding day... but having Zander along reminded us how much life has changed!  We spent some time at the Mill City Farmer's Market where Zander enjoyed dancing to live music and sampling some different foods.  He uses a straw very well now - Daddy can vouch for that since Zander drank most of his Mango Lassi!
Dancing to the live tunes:
We enjoyed the view of the Mississippi River from the Guthrie Theater balcony.  The Stone Arch Bridge is where Mommy & Daddy got engaged, so it is always a special place to visit!

We strolled along the Stone Arch Bridge, stopping to admire St. Anthony Falls:
Daddy shows off the lovely view of Minneapolis from the bridge:
The beautiful fall colors:
We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Astor Cafe in Saint Anthony Main before finishing our walk - it wasn't long before Zander was asleep in his stroller.  Nana Pat babysat Zander that night, allowing Mommy & Daddy to have a lovely night out to celebrate.  Thanks Nana!
Today marks four months since Zander arrived home - we went out to dinner to celebrate.  We continue to be amazed by his understanding of English in such a short time - he continues to say a few words here and there.  Tonight, he pointed up at the crescent moon and said "moo.."  So cute!

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  1. happy anniversary!! what a beautiful day you had to celebrate...we love that area of mpls!

    and happy 4 months home zander!!