Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 18 Months!

Zander turned 18 months today - Woo Hoo!  We celebrated with a BBQ dinner with Nana Pat, who made a delicious homemade pumpkin pie - Zander loved it and kept asking for more!  He continues to learn and develop seemingly every day.  He is doing well running, jumping, balancing, and riding a few of his larger toys.  His language comprehension continues to grow, he is picking up new signs, and now has a vocabulary of about ten words:  mama, uh-oh, apple, mow, bus, bubble, up, wow, moon, and his latest (and least obvious): doctor.  Being able to communicate a little better every day is so much fun for all three of us.

The weekend started out on the rough side - another painful haircut - but fortunately things picked up from there.  Here is Zander's new 'do' - the sticker on his shirt is a testament to his bravery:
Zander helped Daddy close out the vegetable garden on Saturday, and had a lot of fun playing with Kim and Dave when they stopped by to visit.  We suspect that the they helped lay the groundwork for the recent "doctor" vocabulary word - the last time they were over, Zander practiced on them extensively with his doctor kit:
 Zander always has a great time playing with Dave:
On Saturday, Zander took a field trip to St. Paul to meet some new friends for an evening that included lots of time enjoying a big sandbox, a tasty Korean meal, and playtime with four other kids!  On Sunday he enjoyed hosting his friend Clara (who just turned one - Happy Birthday Clara!) and her family for brunch.  Here is Clara playing with the lawnmower:
 So cute - Zander peeking in on Clara in the playhut:
Earlier this fall, Zander had a great time visiting  a couple of different orchards - this is where he picked up the word 'apple.'  Here he is earlier in the season, climbing through a fun log:
Playing in a wagon with Mommy:
Very excited about the hay stack:
Those chickens are funny!:

Driving the train:
Our second orchard outing was with more of the family.  Here we are on a fun hay ride - Zander, Daddy, Great-Auntie KK, Nana Pat, Brady, Aunt Heather, Luke, and Uncle Bob:
Zander laughing with KK:
Sisters - KK and Nana Pat:
Zander, Brady and Luke checking out the pumpkins:
Cousins: ~18 months, ~34 months, and ~4 1/2 years:
Zander visited a different orchard when his friend Cole was in town - highlights were another (bumpy!) hay ride, eating apple donuts, and tasting the newest apple variety - Sweet Tango.  So yummy!

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