Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Day We Met...

It was a year ago today that we first met Zander in Seoul!  Although it feels like the meeting was just yesterday, in many ways it is hard for us to remember life before Zander.  He has been such an amazing addition to our family and we love him to pieces!  Here is Mommy playing with Zander at the agency during our first meeting on June 7th, 2010:
A few days later, we were able to visit with Zander again - although the second meeting made us a little nervous because we had a hard time consoling Zander when he cried.  Here he is sporting his Korean horns with Daddy:
Hanging out with Mommy in the playroom:
Here are a couple of shots from our final visit to the agency when we stopped by to pick Zander up on the way to the airport for our flight home.  First, we met the beloved Dooly (introduced as Zander's 'girlfriend').
Checking out Daddy:
And finally, arriving back in Minneapolis!  Wow, Mommy and Daddy look really happy to be home!
Fast forward a year - here are our little guy's first school pictures, taken just after his two-year birthday.  Our favorite is this one with the big smile:
We love his cheeks in this photo:
Full body shot, including Puppy:
Zander, thanks for an incredible year of firsts together!  We love you more and more each day and are so lucky that you are part of our family!!


  1. Zander, you are so handsome! Love the school photos. We remember anxiously watching for blog updates when your parents went over to meet you the first time. We are so happy for all of you! Love, Mary, John and Cole

  2. Thank you for sharing. The love and joy you share is lovely to behold.
    Most sincerely,