Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!

Zander had a fun Father's Day - going out for breakfast, helping Mommy & Nana Pat with some planting/gardening, swinging/sliding, going to the park, but one thing was missing: Daddy!  Unfortunately Daddy had to leave for a business trip on Saturday night, so we celebrated with him yesterday.  Zander wanted to make sure Daddy knew he was thinking of him today however, so here is his video (Take 2) for Daddy, recorded just after dinner.  Ignore the "I see it!" interruptions - this is just Zander expressing his excitement to review the completed footage.

We're posting this for Daddy so he can pick it up at his conference in Cannes (yes, south coast of France, so we aren't feeling too sorry for him).

Here was Take 1 of the video, recorded just after breakfast.  It illustrates clearly why we moved from "Happy Father's Day" to "Happy Daddy's Day"...

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  We love you and miss you very much!!

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  1. Missing my boy and his mommy a ton in Cannes. Having a good time, but can't wait to get home to you guys! Love you both!!!
    -- Daddy