Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grandpa Duc Visits

Zander and Cousins Luke and Brady all had a wonderful time during Grandpa Duc's recent visit:
One of the fun welcome signs that Luke and Brady made:
It was warm during Grandpa (or as Zander says, "Papa") Duc's visit, so the first day we opted for some indoor fun at local play area.  Here is the climbing structure that the boys enjoyed:
Daddy, Zander, and Aunt Heather climbing in:
Zander is crazy about basketball hoops!  He spent the majority of the time shooting hoops in the gymnasium area:
Mommy pushing Zander's 'scooter':
 Brady and Grandpa:
 Uncle Bob showing off his juggling skills - impressive!
 After a yummy lunch, Grandpa spoiled the boys with a bit of a shopping spree at the toy store:
 Too much excitement for Zander!
Zander has been having a blast riding a four-wheel scooter that his cousins have loaned him (since they have both progressed to two-wheelers).  Check out his big smile:
 Trying out his new tennis racquet - action shot!
 Great follow-through!
 Water break with Nana Pat:
 Zander also got his first bike a few weeks ago:
He's been doing great with the bike, but sometimes needs a little help from Daddy during the uphill stretches:
The next day we visited a beautiful new and very unique playground nearby in Maple Grove - here Zander and Papa Duc are checking things out below the slide:
 Brady and Zander enjoying a fun hammock swing:
 Luke climbing high up in a rope structure:
 Zander turned the steering wheel for a long time:
 Heather pushing Luke and Zander on a neat saucer swing:
 Whew, everyone taking a breather:
 Brady showing Zander the ropes on playing guitar:
Cheering for Luke at his T-Ball game (followed by a visit to Dairy Queen!):
The boys had so much fun during Grandpa's visit, it was really wonderful to see him.  Zander took a moment out of his guitar jam session for a big kiss goodbye for Papa Duc - we love you!

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