Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Fun

Whoa, summer is flying by!  Zander has been enjoying a very active summer with a good mix of activities.  Soccer anyone?
Early in the season, Zander helped Daddy till the garden - it was hard work, but lots of fun:
Whew!  Taking a break:
Nana Pat and Mommy planting the garden - a mix of both seeds and plants:
Zander loves to help in the garden - here he is checking progress with Nana and Luke:
Daddy harvesting - hot peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, beans, zucchini, herbs, and lettuce:
Zander continues to love playing with water - whether it be watering the plants, playing with his water table, or swimming:
Enjoying the water table with Zoe and Gabrielle:
Starting a water fight!  Having a blast getting soaked...
A hilarious game of 'follow the leader' - Zander's hair shows off his hopping ability:
Hanging with Daddy on the glider:
Some additional pics from our neighborhood Fourth of July parade - blowing on his patriotic pinwheel:
Aunt Heather, Dave (and Baby Amanda) and Uncle Bob:
Brady decked out:
At the starting line:
Aunt Heather waving the flag:
A refreshing frozen reward following the parade:
Zander was excited to spend some additional time with Nana Pat when Daddy was in France:
At the Lego Castle display at the Children's Museum:
Walking down a steep slope!
Driving the big bus:
Doing some shopping - yummy fresh produce:
Giving Nana some driving tips:
Zander loved participating in his first 5k with Mommy and Nana - the Heartbeat 5000.  We all got geared up in our Medtronic best to support the cause:
Nana posing in front of St. Anthony Falls:
Having some fun before the race:
After the race we had fun checking out the Mill City Farmer's Market, and then going to the top of the Guthrie Theater building to get a unique view of the Stone Arch Bridge:
The last weekend that Daddy was in Cannes, Mommy and Zander managed to get a bird in the house!  Here is the little guy - big thanks to our friend Dave for helping us set the bird free:
Back a few months - enjoying the jumpy house at Zander's school's 'Spring Fling':
 Listening to the Teddy Bear Band at the Fling with friend Kaiden:
We've had so much fun with Zander already this summer, he's learning and growing so quickly.  One of the things we continue to adore about him is his silly giggle:
Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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