Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ocean City - Jersey Shore

We picked a crazy week to vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey!  On Tuesday, we experienced the 5.8 magnitude earthquake which was just bizarre!  On Thursday, we were evacuated in anticipation of Hurricane Irene.  Although our beach time was cut short by a couple of days, we are happy and thankful to have arrived home safely.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to our family and friends on the East Coast as Irene continues to move through the region.

Here's the crew traveling via surrey (complete with fringe on top) - Zander, Daddy and Mommy in the front row, and Cousin Paige, Grandma Marie, and Nana Pat in the back row.  We had a ball pedaling the Boardwalk in this fun mode of transportation!
Zander continues to LOVE digging in the sand:
Daddy's Aunt Gail and Uncle Lee came to visit early during our stay - here are Daddy, Zander and Gail getting ready to take a leisurely walk along the beach:
The walking crew (Zander riding on Daddy's back):
We were also very excited to have Mommy's friend Mary and her family visit us on Sunday.  Here Daddy and Zander are posing with Mary and husband Tim, and their three adorable boys: Luke, Gabriel, and Jacob.  It was so fun to seem them all!
Zander also had tons of fun hanging out with Paige during the trip:
...and Paige even got to hang out with Dooly!
Wow, all that running and fresh air can wear you out!
Zander really loved running up and down the Boardwalk:
 Nana Pat, Cousin Paige, and Grandma Marie:
 Waving to Mommy as Zander waited for his first-ever solo ride: a small 'car-go-round':
 Some gorgeous wheels!
 Hello! The ride is really fun when it's not moving!
Unfortunately, after the ride started, Zander became less and less happy with each lap, eventually screaming and crying for the ride to end.  Poor Pumpkin!
 Paige, Nana Pat, and Grandma Marie took on the Flying Swings:
Zander picked out a fun Froggy kite at the Boardwalk - here he and Mommy are testing it out - beautiful!
On Wednesday, we took a short road trip to Atlantic City to check out the boardwalk and have a relaxing dinner.  Here we are visiting the huge Monopoly Board:
We had an absolutely delicious meal at Buddakan - Zander really enjoyed both the cuisine and ambience:
 More hanging out with Paige:
Daddy's Uncle Cork and his family also came to visit later in the week which was really fun:
We had a great time at the Jersey Shore and enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with both family and friends.  Next time, however, we'll need to coordinate better with Mother Nature!

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