Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Clown Car

The funniest series of Zander pictures so far this summer was taken back in early May, at an annual summer party celebrating Korean children - it was a delightful event.  Here's how it started - Zander was enjoying a quiet ride in the blue car, when 'Pink' came to join him:
Here they are riding together - very cute!
Next, 'Yellow' came to check out the action:
And then 'Blue' appeared in the back seat:
'Green': "Can I have a ride?"
Woo hoo!  Party of four!
Zander's driving skills being put to the test:
Pink: "Maybe there is more room for me on the other side..."
Pink: "No, it's not much better over here:"
Pink: "Perfect - I'll just ride up front":
Can you still see Zander?  Notice Blue, in the back, eyeing the sunroof:
Blue: "A much better view!"
Zander greeting his sunroof passenger...
Zander eventually got bumped from the driver's seat:
...and decided it was time to try out the yellow car!
We had so much fun watching the whole car adventure unfold - such a beautiful and lively group of children!  We also enjoyed a delicious Korean-themed lunch at the party, and Zander had a good time running around and jumping in one of the jumpy-houses. 

It was a lovely celebration and we so enjoyed meeting new families and reconnecting with those we've met before.  We were especially excited to see Zander's foster sister again - such a special connection for us all.  So many families with amazing stories of such wonderful children - we are so happy to be among them!

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  1. Hilarious! How great would it have been to have on video too. His expressions are just priceless!, love, Kim, Dave and Amanda.