Tuesday, January 31, 2012

December memories

Squeezing in one more December/holiday-related post before the calendar turns to February (yikes!)...  A couple of fun pictures of Zander with his cousins in December - out for pizza to celebrate Brady's birthday:
Zander loved watching Cousin Luke's hockey practice that same day.  Here's Luke 'jumping' over the mat on the ice - he's become a great skater!!
Looking good Luke!
Zander had a blast visiting Choo Choo Bob's Train Store later in the month:
How fun are those train tables!!
We ventured out for Korean food that night, Zander enjoyed stringing Cheerios onto his chopstick as we waited for a delicious meal of mandu, bulgogi, chapchae, and bibimbop:
After dinner we visited the Holiday Lights in the Park display at Lake Phalen.  Zander really enjoyed seeing all the light displays, including this fireman:
Back in early December, Zander enjoyed attending the Medtronic Children's Holiday Party.  We were very surprised that he 'let' Daddy set him right down on Santa's lap!
 Watching the magician show with Daddy:
Nana Pat brought Zander to the holiday shopping market where he picked out some delightful gifts for Mommy and Daddy.  Thanks Pumpkin, we loved them!
Pumpkin also enjoyed visiting Mommy's office - especially sitting in her big comfy chair:
Later on - Zander and Daddy showing off their 'Big Muscles'... most impressive!
It was a very special holiday season.  We look forward to having two pumpkins to celebrate with next year!

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