Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zander & Skylar Show

Happy 2012!  Hoping everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as we did.  We've been busy celebrating our news about Baby Girl Wilson, so have a little catching up to do on the blog.  Where to start?  We had a fantastic trip to Dallas, TX to celebrate the holidays.  Zander had so much fun visiting family there - especially Cousins Skylar, Paige, and Nathan.  Skylar is about 18 months older than Zander - he was fascinated by her and enjoyed mimicking her every move.  Here he is copying her camera pose: hands-on-hips, plus one foot in front of the other:
We had a wonderful meal at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant with Papa Duc:
Zander and Skylar on Christmas Eve:
Celebrating 'Jingle Bell Rock' with Skylar:
"Mommy, Daddy, Me!"
Fun with (safety) scissors:
Zander was delighted to experience his first trip to In-N-Out Burger with Papa Duc.  Definitely one of Daddy's favorites - Papa Duc was a big fan too.  Who knew Zander could eat that many fries?
Striking another Skylar-style pose:
We had a great trip to 'Six Flags Over Texas' with Grandma Marie and Uncle Chris and family.  It was the first time that Zander has really enjoyed going on rides.  Skylar's presence likely made a big difference - he wanted to copy everything she did (except for that one scary roller coaster).

Daddy and Zander practiced their 'parade waves' on the carousel:
Grandma Marie, Skylar, Aunt Spring and Uncle Chris on the exciting Gold River Adventure:
Grandma and Skylar:
Skylar and Zander on the Flying Trapeze:
Cousins flying the airplane:
Thanks to all our Texas family for making our visit so special, we love you!

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