Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Celebrations

Zander enjoyed attending a couple of late summer celebrations during the last month - first was the Korean Independence Day Festival - a celebration of Korean culture and food.  For starters, Nana Pat, Daddy, and Zander tried out some traditional Korean dress:
Zander was mesmerized by the Drum Dance:
He also liked the colors and motion of the Korean Fan Dance.
Zander loved the energy and people watching at this event.  It was fun for us to meet several families at varying points of their Korean adoption adventures.  Here Zander is showing off his sense of humor with a funny face for the camera:
After the fesitival, we had a delicious Korean meal at King's restaurant, and then visited Seoul Foods for some Korean groceries.  Yum yum!

Next was the big Minnesota State Fair!  Although we picked a blustery day, it was really a fun visit.  Here are some of Zander's animal encounters:
Reggie, the biggest boar in the state (weighing in at 1450 pounds):
Some local flavor:
Zander had a lot of fun with the animals (a few scared him), but we think the tractors were his favorite - he loved sitting on them and steering.
Another favorite was the Princess Kay of the Milky Way display - the butter queens!  Here is Zander checking out the scene - you can see one of the butter princess carvings behind Zander to his right. 

Why isn't Zander smiling very much in the butter photo?   He wanted to be held by Daddy vs. Mommy - he continues to be a big Daddy's Boy!


  1. Love that funny face!!!

    Grandma Marie

  2. Now that's a Minnesota boy, a State Fair yard stick and a John Deere!

    Great Auntie KK :-)