Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last weekend, we were so excited that our dear friends John, Mary, and Cole (2 years) came to visit us from California.  We had a wonderful time visiting with them and introducing the boys - it was sure different from how the four of us used to hang out before kids!  We played a lot both inside and outside, and went to the zoo and apple orchard, among other things.

Here are Mary, Cole, Zander and Daddy swinging after our apple orchard outing on Friday:
Cole and Zander on the two-seater plane:
'Uncle' John making Zander laugh:
Cole is a big fan of Curious George.  It was very sweet that he even had a 'little George' for Zander to play with.  Here are both boys with both Georges:
 Zander loved Little George!
On Saturday, Daddy played in a softball tournament, which had him sore for several days to come.  Although we missed him at the zoo, we were proud to learn he was awarded the tournament MVP - here is the bobblehead trophy he gets to enjoy for the year - Go Daddy!:
On Sunday we stopped by Cousin Luke's soccer practice - here is Luke doing a drill with Uncle Bob:
The boys enjoyed some additional play time at the adjacent playground:
Zander had a blast on the swing with Daddy:
 Here is a lovely shot of Mary, Cole, and John.  We are so happy they were able to visit us and look forward to the next time!
Unfortunately the wonderful visit was followed by several days of challenge.  Even while Mary was still here, Mommy was diagnosed with Pink Eye, and 'quarantined' for 24 hours.  That night the stomach flu hit her as well - such fun!  Daddy then became ill and stayed home Tuesday and half of Thursday.  Zander also got stomach flu (while Mommy was away on her first business trip), so both boys were home Friday under the weather.  Fortunately we are all on the mend and ready for a new week!

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  1. aside from all the sickness...what fun!!
    having visitors is so much fun (especially ones that share little georges) - glad you had a great time.
    (and congrats MVP!)