Monday, September 6, 2010


Back to work...  Back to school... Back online!  Thanks for your patience as our family gets our new rhythm figured out.  Mommy returned to work this week, and Zander continues his transition to daycare.  We are so thankful that Zander is doing great at his new school.  Drop-off is very difficult, but shortly thereafter, we hear that Zander really enjoys himself and his new toddler friends.  He is eating and napping pretty well at school, loves the outdoor play, and continues to build his independence (today, for example, Zander played outside on the deck by himself - previously he would have only done so if Mommy or Daddy was outside too).  The transition and level of activity has sure been tiring the little guy out - we look forward to his sleeping schedule settling down over the next 2-3 weeks as he gets used to the new routine.

Several of  Zander's end-of-summer experiences still need to be posted - but today Zander wanted to share photos from his Grandpa Duc's (Amy's dad) visit the last full week of August.  Grandpa Duc took a big road trip from his home in Dallas, TX to our home - via Washington DC (we are still trying to figure that part out!).

On Wednesday of Grandpa Duc's visit, we all piled into Uncle Bob & Aunt Heather's minivan to hit McDonald's for lunch.  It was so fun to go as a big family - Zander liked sitting by Grandpa Duc.  Then, that night was a tasty dinner at PF Chang's with both families as well as Amy/Bob's cousin Danh and his wife Hue.  Zander loved the filling from the 'soothing lettuce wraps.'  Zander and Grandpa Duc at PF Chang's:
Danh and Hue, happily waiting for their main courses:
The next day, Grandpa Duc held Zander - this was a big feat in that (similar to hugs) Zander has been pretty stingy about who he lets hold him:
Here is proud Grandpa Duc with his three grandsons (Zander, Brady, Luke):
That night, we hosted the same large group for BBQ at our home - here Zander is practicing his 'surprised' face:
Happy Labor Day everyone!  Zander had a fantastic long weekend - photos to follow.  Tonight we enjoyed a small milestone - when asked 'Where's Mommy?' or 'Where's Daddy?', Zander is able to point to the appropriate parent - yay!  He also pointed to Mommy at one point and said very clearly "Mama"... melted our hearts.


  1. We can't wait to see you guys soon!!

    Mary, John and Cole

  2. I just love this blog!

    Love, Marie