Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sixteen Months... Already!

Daddy recently had his second business trip since Zander came home - this time (3 days) was a little easier on Mommy - yeah!!  Nana Pat helped out one night, and a busy schedule helped provide distractions during Daddy's absence.

August 11th marked two months since Zander joined our family - where has the summer gone?!  It has already been such an amazing journey... we were excited to hear that a family we recently met at a Korean Independence Day festival just received their travel call and will be heading to Seoul next week to meet their son - we wish them the best!  We celebrated two months with a  visit to the Minnesota Children's Museum with our friend Allison and her 4-year-old daughter Elara.  The Wizard of Oz exhibit was great - here is Elara riding the 'Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch' bicycle:
Zander loved the 'Habitot' area for toddlers - a series of stairs/ramps/walkways made for creeping/exploring.  Here he is 'fishing':
Elara was great with Zander - at lunch she (and Allison) had him giggling up a storm - so cute! 
Both kids loved  exploring the "Our World" community - basically a kid-sized small town.  Highlights revolved around food - first was a junior-size grocery store (sponsored by General Mills!) - Elara and Zander loved filling up their shopping carts with some healthy choices!
Continuing to explore, Zander wandered over to the community restaurant where we encountered an unexpected sighting of the Korean flag!!
Turns out it is a Korean restaurant named "Saemot" (city/region in South Korea). The menu looked delicious and it was fun to see all the Korean ingredients that have become more familiar to us between our trip to Seoul and visits to local Korean grocery stores:
Zander passed the 16 month milestone in mid-August - he continues to learn new things and now uses a few signs to communicate.  He is becoming much more comfortable with close family members which has been wonderful - he's now a veteran at riding in Uncle Bob & Aunt Heather's minivan.  And we've seen his reach grow - he can now close our doors using the swivel handle - wow!  We hear the occasional "Mama" and "Dada", but they are still pretty intermittent at this point.  He still loves to fist bump, play peek-a-boo, and is starting to blow kisses more frequently. 

Summer is quickly winding down - Zander is a busy guy at the moment with Amy's Dad visiting (Grandpa Duc) at the same time he is preparing for his transition to school/daycare - Mommy goes back to work tomorrow!!  Although his blog posting rate will certainly decrease, Zander is going to keep at is as much as he can!

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  1. :)
    isn't the korean restaurant at the children's museum the best?! the last time we were there drew said we HAVE to bring leo here. so sweet.

    it's the frantic last weekend before we leave on far, so good!!