Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Splish Splash

Zander loves to play in the water!  Whether it be the hose, watering can, bathtub, pool, sink, splash table, or even a puddle, he is so curious and excited about his interactions with water.  So... we visited a local pool with Grandma Marie, Cousin Paige, and Nana Pat.  Zander loved exploring the fountains at the pool:
He made several laps around the lazy river loop with Paige and Mommy - if you look closely (click to enlarge), you can see both Grandmothers watching from the deck:
Then we moved to the indoor pool - Daddy and Paige rode the big water slide - it went so fast that at one point Daddy was worried he was going to fly out!  Zander went down a very small water slide - then more splashing made him giggle:
We had a yummy post-swim meal at Panera, and later ventured out to Punch Pizza for dinner.  While Mommy was ordering, Daddy got his first experience with an 'emergency' diaper change in the car - such good practice!  We finished the evening with a visit to Ben & Jerry's where Zander got to share both Grandma and Daddy's ice cream - mmmm!!!

Zander is delighted that Grandma and Paige came to visit!  He learned a few expressions and mannerisms from them which have endured - so fun.  When it was time for one last photo - Zander turned on the charm with his pose:

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  1. That pool looks like sooo much fun! It looks like Zander is having a fabulous summer.

    -Mary, John and Cole