Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daddy's First Trip

Last week was Daddy's first business trip since Zander's arrival - Jim was in Colorado Springs Monday through Wednesday.  Although Mommy had a few challenges during her first time as 'single mom', overall the little guy did great!  He had a few random crying spells that we suspect may have been related to Daddy's absence (especially since Daddy tends to be the 'fun' one).  The first night Nana Pat came over to help with dinner, bath, and bedtime which was great!  The second night we planned to have dinner with cousins Luke and Brady, but unfortunately Luke was sick, so we stayed home.  Auntie Heather kindly delivered us a delicious dinner, which was a big help!  Zander also helped out a little - here he is getting ready to sweep the floor:
Here he is preparing to water the deck plants (managing both his and Mommy's watering cans):
It was also our second week on Zander's new schedule - he has moved from two naps each day down to a single nap in the early afternoon.  This transition was fairly easy, except for the fact that Zander's single nap remains on the short side - typically 60-75 minutes).

We also had a lot more fun play during the week.  On Tuesday we went swimming with our friend Julie and her new ~5 month-old son Kaiden (the 94 degree, humid weather changed our original plan which was to take a walk).  On Thursday, our friend Nancy and her most recent addition Oliver (born early July) came over to visit.  We all enjoyed a fun walk to the park followed by a yummy morning snack.  Here are Zander and Oliver together.  Zander earned his "Mommy's Little Monster" shirt by waking up 5 different times during his previous night's sleep, starting at 2:30am.  It was nice that the boys coordinated their shirts - Oliver was "Daddy's Lil Defender":
It is fascinating to watch Zander interact with other children, especially those younger than he!

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