Thursday, July 29, 2010

Loon Watching

Last week, Zander cheered Daddy's team on in their last softball game of the season (already!??).  Before the game, we met 'Auntie' Jodi and her girls Zoe and Gabrielle for a tasty pizza dinner, then they joined us for the game (along with Nana Pat) at Wayzata High School.  Here is a shot of Daddy pitching for the Loons (for those unfamiliar, the loon is Minnesota's state bird - and a fiercely intimidating mascot):
Here are the boys together during a break for Daddy when the Loons were up to bat:
Unfortunately, when the Loons were in the field, Zander screamed and cried uncontrollably - he wanted Daddy to be holding him instead of pitching!  This was probably Zander's biggest public meltdown since our time in the Seoul airport, so we can't complain, although Mommy's self esteem took a little blow - smile.  Here is 'Uncle' Tim trying to console Zander from first base with a game of Peek-A-Boo:
Great effort Tim, but no luck.  Even our standard go-to, Cheerios, provided no comfort. Zander finally quieted down a bit when offered some Yogurt Melts - an ingenious snack which he loves.  We learned about Yogurt Melts from Amy's boss - great advice Jan!  Zander was all smiles after the game (despite the loss) and enjoyed over an hour of playtime on the playground with Gabrielle and Zoe - woo hoo!

Zander followed up his Loon Watching outing with a Deck Party the next night - our friends Kim and Dave were celebrating the construction of their brand new deck - so new that we weren't even sure midday if the party was on because the railings had yet to be built!  Zander enjoyed the view, chasing bubbles, playing Frisbee with Kim, and staying up past his bedtime:

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