Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Play Time!

Zander's appetite for play continues to grow!  Daddy says that his three-day weekends (he has taken Fridays off for the summer) leave him as physically exhausted (and with a sore back) as he remembers his high school "three-a-day" practices for sports did!  We hope Daddy can continue to keep up with young Zander!

Play comes in all shapes and sizes - here are some of the toys Zander played with last week:  His new Scooby Doo Dune Buggy from Grandma Marie:
Any blankie that can be used to play Peek-A-Boo:
Any cell phone - here he is dialing on our friend Sonya's after she dropped by a wonderful Korean dinner for us - a delicious marinaded beef with kimchi cucumbers and some savory coconut chocolate chip cookies.  We are still trying to figure out how Sonya (with two boys - one a newborn) had time to prepare us dinner!  We are grateful for her generosity and - yes, Sonya, the meal definitely brought us back memories of being in Seoul:
His new frisbee (from Maple Grove Days festival):
The dishwasher:
Any of Daddy's hats:
His new Play Hut from our friend Mary (Amy and Mary met during junior year of college at an internship in Washington DC) - Zander loves the hut!
Hmmm, perhaps it is all the heavy diapers that are wearing Daddy out...


  1. I think Elmo was playing with the dishwasher - definitely not Zander... :) And I would highly suggest looking on ebay for demo phones (it looks exactly like a phone, but it is empty inside - we got Cole a BlackBerry one so that he would stop stealing ours). John covets Zander's Scooby Dune Buggy - very cool!! He also sympathizes with Jim, as John's back has also gotten a work out with the poop snake.

    -Mary, John and Cole

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! So glad you enjoyed the Korean food -- addictive, no? ;-) See you soon!