Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lunch with Daddy

Last Thursday, Zander had a lunch date with Daddy at General Mills.  He enjoyed spending some more time at Daddy's desk as well as trying out his new 'fist bump' with several people he met.  He loved wearing his new outfit which was a thoughtful gift from Aunt Heather's parents who were visiting from Indianapolis for the week.  Here Zander is playing with Jim's Snacks Bear and a metal Nature Valley water bottle (which we learned can be very noisy when banged against things):
Daddy then had him do some quick filing before lunch:
Zander was amazed by the huge cafeteria at Daddy's office - he enjoyed a 'Turkey Dinner' meal which included lots of yummy turkey, corn, peas, carrots, and mashed potatoes - delicious!  After lunch, Daddy let Zander pick out a toy at the company store - here was his choice:
(Zander actually chose five doughboys, but Daddy was able to negotiate him down to one.)  We speculate that Doughboy's big belly was a draw to Zander since it is something he can relate to.  Doughboy has already spent some time hanging out with Zander's new puppy dog Indy (also from Aunt Heather's parents - thank you!):
Here is Zander demonstrating his new love for fist bumping during a hot afternoon playing with his Splash Table:
Also new last week was a 'squint face' that now tends to appear at the end of mealtime (when mealtime transitions into playtime).  Here Zander is finishing up some rice porridge with a piece of seaweed on his chin:
Zander also had two follow-up doctors appointments last week - fortunately all is well and we received confirmation that the many vaccinations he had in Korea took properly.  He still needed to get three additional vaccination shots, but we found these to be much easier than both his recent blood draw and his first haircut!  Here is Zander taking a snooze in his crib (with monkey Singe and dinosaur Dooly) after all the excitement - Sweet Dreams!:


  1. Next timte Zander comes to General Mills, you will Definitely have to stop by the 5th floors and say hi! I have doughboys at my desk too!

  2. Zander seems to be having a fun-filled summer!! How does Scoob feel about another dog in the house? ;)

    -Mary, John and Cole

  3. Just checking in after a while away. So happy to see what a happy family you are. Mary keeps us updated but the blog and pictures speak a thousand words! Enjoy.
    Peace and God bless,
    Jim and Joan O'Loughlin