Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aunts & Uncles!

Following the traumatizing haircut on Saturday, the rest of the day was really fun. We played outside for a while in the afternoon:
That evening, we hosted dinner for Nana Pat and Amy’s Aunt Kathie and Uncle Randy. Zander loved meeting both ‘KK’ and Randy – he warmed up to them quickly and in no time was playing games climbing all over Randy:
Zander enjoyed playing with the wonderful new toys that KK and Randy brought him – a mini wooden wagon filled with colored blocks as well as a new Zander-sized ball featuring firetrucks, police cars etc. (a fitting gift from Randy who is a Volunteer Fire Fighter).  Amy also thoroughly enjoyed the special homemade batch of Party Mix that KK made - yummy!  Here is Zander handing one of his new blocks to Nana Pat with KK watching:
Zander also got to play with his new ‘Arctic Water Table’ that came from Babies R Us the day before. Since he loves playing in the water, we knew the table would be a hit (also another Coleman recommendation – thanks!).
On Sunday, Amy’s Uncle Tim, Aunt Connie, and Cousin Leah came over to visit. Zander had tons of fun meeting them - here he is hanging out with Leah (a June Wayzata High School Graduate - Congratulations!):
Here is Tim making Zander laugh:
Zander continues to play with the ‘Funtime Tractor’ that Tim, Connie and Leah brought him - it moves on its own and makes fun sounds when any of the animals (or farmer driving the tractor) are pressed down. A very fun toy pictured here with Connie:
Zander is so appreciative of the warm welcome he has received from all our family and friends - thank you all!

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