Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to Work

Jim returned to work this week – a big change for everyone! It was a sad transition for all of us because we have been having such a wonderful and special time together as a family. Amy is still adjusting to running the show on her own during the day – the biggest challenge being that Zander is accustomed to being held frequently, and at ~28 pounds is too heavy for Amy to carry for more than a few minutes at a time! Jim had been doing most of the carrying (ask him how his back is feeling), so Amy has some big (and strong) shoes to fill.

Tuesday marked another first for Zander – first time swimming!  Jodi and her girls (who first visited us a week ago Monday) returned for a play date. Here is the crew (including Aunt Heather and Cousins Luke and Brady) at our place before hitting the pool.
Jim recently picked up a ‘floatie suit’ for Zander – here he is hydrating in his new swim gear before testing the water:
Zander spent a while taking it all in - the size of the pool and the other kids swimming.  He was pretty mellow when we went in, but there were some moments where his love of the water came out and he squealed with excitement.  Thanks to Jodi for being our photographer!
Gabrielle and Zoe also had a fun time in the pool - they are both great swimmers!
Zander had a big day Wednesday with an appointment at the University of Minnesota’s International Adoption Clinic. He did really well and Mommy & Daddy received lots of helpful information and guidance from the experts. One short term focus will be to follow a more consistent schedule now that the jet lag is behind us in order to build Zander’s confidence in his new home/routine. The three-vial blood draw was brutal – the extent of Zander’s screaming and crying was similar to his recent haircut. He was exhausted afterward and fell asleep on the way home: mid-snack even (notice his hand still in the snack-catcher).
We are very thankful that Zander has become more comfortable in his carseat (compliments of Jim's Mom, Grandma Marie) since the projectile vomit incident ~10 days ago.  Woo Hoo!

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